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Coating Services

Coating services provide many benefits to a variety of materials and industries. Ceramic coating services offer exceptional protection from temperature and environmental conditions, providing a thermal barrier coating (TBC) that prevents heat loss. Deposition coating such as CVD coating can improve the surface properties of various metals, providing excellent dielectric strength, mechanical properties, wear resistance and corrosion protection. An environmental barrier coating (EBC) also provides improved performance in highly abrasive environments making it ideal for components like diesel engines and gas turbines. TA&T offers coating services with impressive benefits to all kinds of different materials facing adverse or challenging conditions.

Single and multilayer CVD coatings of C, Zr, Nb, Mo, Hf, Ta, Ti, Re, SiC, NbC, ZrC, HfC, Mo2C, TaC, B4C and others are available on request. Magnetron Sputtered Coatings including multilayers of virtually any ceramic, metallic and polymeric material are also available on request.

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Ceramic Coating Service

Advanced ceramic composites are an advanced form of materials technology, offering unparalleled durability and superior performance in a range of applications. Ceramic coating services provide advanced protection and are increasingly being sought after by businesses across a variety of industries due to the added conditioning that comes with advanced application methods. With the combination of advanced ceramic composites and ceramic coating services, your organization can receive improved protection for your assets, higher levels of efficiency in operations and greater longevity of your products. This makes advanced ceramic composites a great choice for any business seeking to future-proof their investments and minimize maintenance costs.

TA&T’s advanced materials offer a unique combination of properties such as high mechanical strength, chemical inertness, and the ability to tolerate high temperatures. This makes ceramic coatings ideal for a variety of industrial applications including cutting tools, bearings, and engineering components. The use of advanced ceramic composites has grown significantly in recent years due to their beneficial features. In addition, ceramic coating services provide advanced surface treatments like hardening coatings, biocompatibility coatings, thermal spray ceramics, and dozens more. Our ceramic coatings also offer improved wear resistance, cleanability, and corrosion protection, among many other benefits. As advanced ceramic technologies continue to be developed and advanced, ceramic composite usage expands, products made with these advanced materials will be increasingly used in a wide range of industries.

Thermal Barrier Coating (TBC)

Thermal barrier coating (TBC) is a thermal insulation material used to protect thermal and mechanical elements affected by high temperatures. They protect components from thermal degradation, allowing them to operate at temperatures higher than the material's melting point.TBCs are most commonly found in power plant and gas turbine engines. Thermal barrier coating reduces the need for frequent repair or maintenance, while allowing the engine to run efficiently and effectively.

In these thermal environments, TBCs prevent substrate materials from succumbing to thermal and oxidation damage, further extending the life of components exposed to high thermal stresses. Thermal barrier coating provides thermal protection for systems operating in oxygen-rich atmospheres where exposure increases oxidation rates of materials. The tougher surface provided by a TBC isn't just resistant to high temperatures; it can also offer enhanced durability capabilities with regard to erosion resistance, lubricity, fatigue strength, surface compression strength and extreme temperature resistance.

CVD Coating

Chemical vapor deposition (CVD coating) is a specialized technique for producing high quality materials that are strong and reliable. It works by having organometallic or halide compounds react with other gasses under vacuum to create solid thin films on substrates using multidirectional flow, as opposed to the line-of-site method of physical vapor deposition. CVD coatings can fabricate monocrystalline, polycrystalline, amorphous or epitaxial forms which play an integral role in micromanufacturing processes across many industries.

CVD Coating Services

TA&T's CVD coating services offer a wide range of capabilities used in the fields of medical manufacturing, aerospace engineering, and scientific research. Chemical vapor deposition coatings provide high quality surfaces by bringing a good combination of tribology, and lubricity to parts subjected to extreme temperatures and corrosive substances. CVD applications go beyond medical devices, as they have been proven useful in the protection of aircraft engines and are also used in custom precision optics for research purposes.

Clients utilize our tailored CVD coating services for all sorts of needs, from thinning protective layers to enhancing the performance of cutting-edge experiments. Whether you need CVD coating services to bring your product concept to life, or want to improve the functionality of existing equipment, our CVD coating services can provide great value to your business!

Environmental Barrier Coating (EBC)

Environmental barrier coating (EBC) is a revolutionary and innovative technology developed to protect metals, plastics and other materials from environmental damage. This type of coating is ideal for improving the durability of industrial components typically subjected to harsh environmental factors such as UV radiation, high-humidity, salt water, extreme temperatures and highly polluted atmospheres. When environmental barrier coating is applied correctly, it serves as an effective barrier to prevent degradation from occurring.

Research shows that environmental barrier coating can significantly enhance the performance and lifespan of components due to the enhanced protective properties it provides by isolating them from their hostile environment. The potential uses of environmental barrier coatings are vast, whether in aerospace or automotive industries and beyond. TA&T's environmental barrier coating technology can revolutionize modern industrial manufacturing and empower you to offer superior products to your valued clients.

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