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Pressureless Sintering

Pressureless sintering is a high temperature processing service that joins materials together without pressure applied. Traditional sintering processes require the combined use of pressure, heat, and time to solidify powders and other materials into a complex shape. Pressureless sintering is an ideal solution for making shapes with intricate designs, as due to the absence of pressure it can thin layers down to 50 microns. In addition, pressureless sintering services allow for maximum flexibility when creating ceramic and metallic parts in virtually any shape or size you need. Suitable for a large variety of applications, this method is renowned as an efficient and cost-effective means of fabrication.

Pressureless Sintering Capabilities

TA&T has air sintering furnaces capable of 1650°C and vacuum furnaces capable of temperatures as high as 1900°C for sizes up to 6 inches in diameter for air and 20 inches in the largest sintering furnace with a maximum temperature capability of 1600°C.

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Raw Material Sintering Service

Pressureless sintering is an important high temperature processing technique for raw materials. It is a sintering service often used on metal, ceramic and intermetallic particles to fabricate dense solid components without the need of pressure. Instead, this process relies on heat and time to densify parts by reducing the amount of air gaps between particles. This innovative sintering method offers several advantages such as consistent quality, net shape dimensional accuracy and freedom of design. All these benefits make pressureless sintering a great option to consider for producing parts, making it the ideal choice for many industries all over the world.

Metal Sintering Service

Sintering services are commonly used to fuse metal powders together, creating a solid and uniformed part. This process can be used with metals such as bronze, aluminum, stainless steel, and cobalt chrome. Our pressureless sintering service offers some advantages over conventional metal powder compaction methods in terms of cost, efficiency, and providing structural integrity for your parts. Additionally, TA&T’s pressureless sintering services may require less preprocessing for parts than other metal powder transformation processes. Ultimately, our pressureless sintering service makes it possible to achieve superior metal results without compromising quality or purity.

High Temperature Processing

High temperature processing is a highly advanced process used to join materials together, often found in various industries such as automotive and aeronautical sectors. While high pressure sintering is a common method, there is a lesser known high temperature processing, pressureless sintering service that offers high quality and better than typical adhesion values, with improved mechanical properties. It is ideal for high precision and difficult components, achieving high densities while still maintaining the structural integrity. Trust your high temperature processing needs to TA&T. We offer high temperature processing services backed by decades of combined experience in this field, making us an invaluable resource for those looking for superior results.

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