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TA&T boasts a wide range of technologies designed for both government and commercial functions.

Our business R&D is funded in the millions through both the Phase 1 and Phase 2 Small Business Innovation Research program and Small Business Technology Transfer. Funding also comes through Phase 3 Broad Agency Announcements and commercial funding/licensing. By providing funding for our R&D, government agencies and private sector companies benefit from cutting-edge technologies.

Spinel and Optical Ceramics

  • IR Transparent Optics
  • Bullet-Resistant Windows
  • Ceramic Lasers

3D Printing

  • Ceramic Tooling for Investment Casting
  • Medical & Dental Components
  • Ceramic Heat Exchangers
  • High Resolution Stereolithography (SLA) and Ceramic Resin Development

Advanced Ceramic Composites and Coatings

  • CMCs, MMCs, C/C Composites (CVI)
  • Metal and Ceramic Coatings (CVD) (PVD)