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Toll Spray Drying & Slurry Preparation

Toll spray drying and slurry preparation are techniques used by many industries for efficient processing of bulk materials. TA&T offers a toll spray drying procedure in which liquid raw materials are atomized via a nozzle into finely dispersed droplets, which then slowly evaporate in order to achieve the desired solid particles size. Slurry preparation on the other hand involves mixing solids, such as powders and slurries, to form a homogenous mixture which is then dried using toll spray drying resulting in higher throughput and lower costs for bulk material applications. Both mechanisms provide an efficient and cost-effective way of processing bulk materials, making them widely attractive processes within today's industrial landscape.

Toll Spray Drying

Toll spray drying is a great way for companies to meet the demands of an ever-changing marketplace. Without toll spraying, product consistency and quality can suffer as large batches are more difficult to evenly process. Factors such as temperature, pressure, formulation and water activity can be accurately and consistently applied when toll spray drying. Toll spraying allows companies to produce products with a uniform result while maintaining quality standards that they set in place.

TA&T Toll Spray Drying Services

TA&T offers custom toll spray drying services for small and large quantities along with slurry preparation. With two spray dryers available, small and large orders can be handled with ease.

Spray Dryer Evaporative Rate (100°C Outlet)
Niro Mobile Minor 4.5 kg per hour

Post spray drying powder characterization is available at TA&T to ensure quality control, along with hot pressing services.

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TA&T holds proprietary designs and processes in strict confidentiality.

Powder Characterization

Powder characterization plays an important role in understanding powder behavior, and developing powder materials for various purposes. It involves the analysis of powder properties such as shape, size, surface area, structure, powder flow behavior and purity. Each of these qualities have a huge impact on the powder’s performance when used.

TA&T's powder characterization process uses various instruments and methodologies such as X-ray diffraction, differential scanning calorimetry (DSC), thermogravimetric analysis (TGA) and image analysis to provide insight into powder properties. Having knowledge of a powder’s physical characteristics can be useful in many industries including pharmaceuticals, cosmetics, food processing and 3D printing. Powder characterization is crucial for driving product quality and innovation.

Slurry Preparation

Slurry preparation leads to faster drying times compared to traditional spray dryers due to the increased surface area exposed allowing for quicker water evaporation. The resulting products have also been observed to contain significantly fewer air bubbles, avoiding common blending issues for toll spray dried powder making it easier for manufacturers down the line. Slurry preparation is used to mix or homogenize liquid solutions before toll spray drying.

Together, toll spray drying and slurry preparation offer solutions for producers of dry goods to ease large-scale manufacturing efficiencies, and ensure the best possible results for your products. TA&T takes a wet material, like a liquid or paste, and converts it into a more manageable form with superior storage abilities. Our toll spray drying process helps manufacturers create products in consistent quality at scale. Get your desired results in less time by streamlining your process and taking advantage of our slurry preparation services.

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