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Transparent Domes & Armor

Transparent domes and armor provide versatile protection for a variety of industries. Manufactured from spinel ceramic, transparent domes are impact-resistant and shatterproof, making them the preferred choice for aerospace, military and maritime applications. You can choose between flat transparent armor or curved transparent domes to fit your unique projects. With TA&T’s high-quality domes and transparent armor, you can rest assured that you and your clients’ projects will be able to withstand harsh environmental conditions, while also providing visibility into complex operations.

Transparent Domes

Transparent domes technology offers a wide range of applications for both civilian and military use. Aerospace companies are now looking to transparent domes to increase their aircraft performance and visibility, while militaries are using them to provide advanced protection in harsh environments. Additionally, transparent domes can be used in the automotive and industrial sectors to increase safety and facilitate increased structural development. Designed with strong reinforcement features to prevent breakage, transparent dome technology is a valuable solution for any number of applications.

Transparent domes provide a wide range of benefits including protecting sensitive equipment from extreme weather conditions and providing clear visibility for operators. Many organizations are now turning specifically to transparent domes due to their durability and low maintenance requirements. Thanks to modern materials and technological advances, TA&T can offer precision-engineered products that improve the life cycle cost and performance of important systems, allowing you to benefit from better reliability. Reap the benefits of enhanced safety and increased efficiency in your organization or products with our domes.

Transparent Armor

Transparent armor is a transparent, strong, and resilient material used as protection in defense applications. It provides protection to military personnel, aircrafts, and ground vehicles from explosive blasts, high-caliber bullets and shrapnel. TA&T offers transparent armor in various sizes and thicknesses to meet the exacting performance requirements you need. It offers excellent optical properties along with high strength while being cost-effective. Our transparent armor is also capable of absorbing multiple ballistic threats and protecting vital components or operators within the protected environment.

Transparent armor is made with deposition-hardened transparent materials like glass or polymer laminates to create transparent protective coatings that can be applied to a variety of transparent substrates. It has been used for decades as a cost-effective way to strengthen industrial structures and components while providing transparent visibility that doesn't interfere with optical devices or the operations they support. Transparent armor also provides defense against extreme temperatures, EMI/RFI radiation, isolation, and damaging debris much more effectively than its transparent competitors. Therefore, it can offer protection for both personnel and equipment in extreme conditions without sacrificing visibility or performance capabilities.

Sensor Lens

A sensor lens is an integral component in various industrial and commercial applications, providing precision quality for those who need accuracy and reliability. Sensor lenses are essential for gathering quality data with the highest degree of accuracy. As a sensor lens manufacturer, TA&T offers our clients the assurance that our lenses meet all industry standards for monitoring applications to deliver cost-effective solutions that work consistently over time. Our sensor lenses are made from durable, high-quality materials and feature an extensive range of sizes, configurations and focal lengths to suit any application. With years of experience, we understand the importance of using reliable sensor lens technology that performs perfectly even in tough conditions.

Manufactured with precision and exacting standards, a sensor lens is an impermeable shield that protects the sensor pinhole from dust, contaminants and other elements that may obstruct sensor data collection. These lenses are routinely used in automotive applications to allow for precise navigation techniques such as handbrake detection and lap lane level road tracking. Also, they are an important piece of hardware used in a range of technological industries, most notably aerospace, military and industrial applications. The sensor lens has been essential for manufacturers to provide precise robotic movements and high accuracy guidance systems to industry applications ranging from defense to space exploration.

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No matter what you need to protect with a dome, armor or lens, TA&T can help to design the perfect solution. We have been supplying protective shields in a multitude of industries for years and can meet the needs of your project too. Contact our team of professionals today to learn more about how you can utilize our high-tech manufacturing services for your production needs.

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