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MWIR Lenses & Windows

MWIR lenses and IR windows are ideal for applications that require extraordinary thermal detection capabilities. MWIR stands for Mid-Wave Infrared, which is a light spectrum with a wavelength between 3-5 microns that humans cannot see. MWIR materials function to transmit MWIR energy, providing exceptional clarity and resolution in comparison to other IR products.

MWIR lenses are also strong and durable, making them ideal for high impact environments or situations where lens misalignment and transmission loss are a risk. MWIR technologies have enabled exciting advancements in civilian tech as well such as autonomous cars, nighttime surveillance systems, facial recognition systems, and infrared thermography cameras. IR windows & lenses are an essential component of these sophisticated devices. TA&T offers superior quality and turnaround on IR lenses and infrared windows.

Advantages of Infrared Lenses / IR Lenses

Infrared lenses (IR lenses) are specialized optical components that allow infrared light to pass through, typically in the wavelengths of 700 to 1,000 nanometers. Infrared lenses are most often used by night vision cameras and infrared-sensitive surveillance systems. They are also used in infrared thermography to measure surface temperatures or to detect moisture infiltration because infrared radiation is invisible without a lens.

Because infrared rays travel in different directions than visible light, glass condenser lenses are widely used as infrared lenses due to their ability to focus infrared energy with minimal reflections or losses. Infrared lenses provide us with the ability to observe what would otherwise go unseen and can reveal deep insight into weather patterns, industrial processes and more.

Infrared Windows / IR Windows

Infrared windows, also known as IR windows, are used for thermal infrared imaging and infrared spectroscopy. These versatile products provide an easy way to diagnose electrical systems and other equipment from the outside of a building or container, as infrared energy can penetrate through opaque surfaces.

Infrared windows can also be used in HVAC inspection, firefighting assessment, pre-diagnosis maintenance and research into Industrial infrared thermography applications. IR windows enable quick and accurate temperature measurement without having to dismantle any parts of the equipment. If your company relies upon infrared technology, look no further than TA&T. Our IR windows offer a wide range of uses such as predictive maintenance, power system safety, and performance analysis in difficult-to-reach locations.

MWIR Lenses & Windows Superior Imaging

MWIR lenses and windows are an important component for many infrared imaging applications. MWIR (medium wave infrared) material is designed to allow the passage of MWIR radiation between 0.7 and 5 microns, while rejecting visible light below 0.7 microns. MWIR windows can be applied to optical systems such as cameras, enabling MWIR radiation to enter the camera without any distortion or glare from solar exposure.

MWIR lenses on the other hand provide an optimal way to operate in MWIR environments without compromising image quality due to aberrations or limited angle-of-view performance. Both MWIR windows and lenses are integral parts of many MWIR imaging systems, providing a clear path for capturing high-resolution images within the MWIR spectrum with minimal energy losses and interference.

Getting Your Infrared Lenses & Windows

TA&T has made it easy to get all of your infrared technology needs met. By utilizing our professional team’s expertise, equipment, and technology, you will have a major advantage over your competitors. Contact our team today to get started and learn more.

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