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Toll Mixing Services

Toll mixing services are a valuable asset in many industries where chemicals and powders are used. The process involves blending various powders and liquids in a controlled laboratory environment to produce new epoxies and other products. TA&T provides cost-effective toll mixing services, by utilizing the latest equipment and safety processes. Toll mixing is comprehensive and efficient, enabling accurate mixing results with each batch produced. Whether it is for medical research or industrial production, TA&T offers you unparalleled convenience, reliable results, and an overall excellent experience.

Our toll mixing services are a convenient and cost-effective way to obtain tailored products without the need to set up expensive laboratory equipment of your own. TA&T accepts bulk supplies of powders, liquids, and epoxies and mixes them together in a controlled environment for use in specific applications. We utilize the latest technology in mixing and blending which results in delivery of a consistently high-quality finished product. Let our team of professionals take care of all aspects of your mixing, so you can focus on the design and production process.

Toll Mixing

TA&T's toll mixing services will provide your company with access to specialized laboratory-grade equipment, capable of blending a variety of chemical resources into custom concoctions. Our toll mixing is performed by skilled technicians who have specific knowledge and expertise in the combination of powders, liquids and other materials into accurate formulations. Toll mixing services are often called upon to mix epoxies – a challenge that requires training, precision, safety and experience. Taking advantage of toll mixing will allow your business to enjoy the benefits of precise formulations without having to invest in costly equipment or in-house labor.

TA&T offers toll mixing services from small, laboratory scale amounts to multiple kilograms in a single run. Utilizing Glen Mills Turbula 3-axis shaker-mixers and Resodyn LabRAM Acoustic Mixers, TA&T will mix powders, liquids, and epoxies. By sending mixtures in a sealed container to our facilities, contamination free mixing is achieved. We also offer powder mixing, powder blending, and resin development.

TA&T holds proprietary designs and processes in strict confidentiality.

Powder Mixing

Powder mixing is gaining traction in the laboratory setting due to its powder to mix a range of different materials ranging from powders, such as ceramic powder and metal powder, to liquids and epoxies. Its ability to cover a wide breadth of substances, combined with a reduced preparation time make powder mixing an attractive option for scientists and researchers looking for reliable results on a shortened timeline.

Not only is powder mixing efficient, but it also minimizes waste and clean-up by providing uniformed mixtures each time, allowing for quicker assembly without sacrificing quality or accuracy. With powder mixing taking over laboratories all around the world, the power has been put back in scientists’ hands. TA&T takes advantage of this powerful process so your final product will have a leading advantage over competitors, and you can offer superior quality and consistency.

Powder Blending

TA&T offers powder blending toll mixing services for those hard to mix materials. The powder blending process requires accurate weights of ingredients added in specific order in order to ensure the material blends completely. In this way, it is able to blend materials that are thick or need a certain amount of powder to combine. The powder blender can make batches of materials in larger quantities quickly and efficiently with its high-power motor. Once completed, powder blended products can be formed into desired shapes with high levels of strength, flexibility, and durability.

Resin Development

Resin development is the process of creating resin solutions with specific properties and characteristics for various applications. TA&T takes care of all your resin formulation needs. Outsource with ease, and let us be the external manufacturing partner in your corner. We offer resin compounding from base resin, specialty resin blending services, color matching services, and other related toll mixing services. Our resin development experts will ensure the desired results are achieved.

Resin development is an essential part of the modern manufacturing industry. Through TA&T’s resin development and toll mixing services, your company can quickly and efficiently process your products with advanced resin mixes. This technique is valuable since it offers efficient production and expert resin selection tailored to fit individual needs. By taking advantage of resin development and other toll processing, your business can better customize resin for a wide range of industrial applications. With proper development, you can maintain quality control without sacrificing efficiency or affordability.

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